Summer break

The summer break is approaching quickly and it also brings some off-time for the shala.

Simply Ashtanga will be closed between Wednesday, July 31st and Sunday, September 1st.
A limited summer schedule will be offered, starting Monday, September 2nd (details to follow).
The regular schedule resumes on Tuesday, September 17th (after the workshop with Greg Nardi).

The Prenatal Program as well as the Ashtanga Mamas will return end of September/beginning of October.

Enjoy the summer days with sun, happiness and some self practice 🙂

Prenatal Yoga in English

Congratulations on a hopefully happy and healthy pregnancy!
Once you passed the 12 week marker, Prenatal Yoga can be practiced to support a smooth and comfortable pregnancy and delivery of baby!

Prenatal Yoga is taking a short summer break. In case of enough inquries, there could be classes in July. So don’t be shy to ask!
Otherwise, Prenatal Yoga will return in mid-September 🙂

To register and for questions, please get in touch with

🙂 🙂 🙂

Der Frühling und Sommer bei Simply Ashtanga

Einige planen längerfristig. Die einzelnen Wochenauslastungen für Mai, Juni, Juli, August,…. will ich noch gar nicht online stellen 😉
Was ich aber bereits sagen kann:

Das Shala ist geschlossen zwischen:
Fr., 7.6. – So., 23.6. sowie
Mi., 31.7. – voraussichtlich So., 1.9.

Happy Practice 😀

Mysore in April

The Shala will be closed around the Easter Holidays! Please check respective classes accordingly!

Mon, 04/01, 7-9pm –  currently one mat available.
Tue, 04/02, 7-9pm – currently one mat available.
Thu, 04/04, 7-9pm – currently one mat available.
Fri, 04/05, 7-9am – currently seven mats open.

Mon, 04/08, 7-9pm –  currently full.
Tue, 04/09, 7-9pm – currently it looks like the class has to be cancelled 🙁
Thu, 04/11, 7-9pm – currently one mat available.
Fri, 04/12, 7-9am – currently four mats available.

Mon, 04/15, 7-9pm –  currently one mat available.
Tue, 04/16, 7-9pm – currently full.
Thu, 04/18 – Mon, 04/22 the Shala will be closed! HAPPY EASTER 😀

Tue, 04/23, 7-9pm – currently full.
Thu, 04/25, 7-9pm – currently four mats available.

Mon, 04/29, 7-9pm – currently full.
Tue, 04/30, 7-9pm – Shala stays closed… enjoy your Mayday 🙂

Namaste 🙂



Mysore in March

Unfortunately, some classes have to be cancelled this month – so please make sure to check the schedule frequently! Thank you 🙂

Mon, 03/04, 7-9pm –  currently full.
Tue, 03/05, 7-9pm – currently two mats open.
Thu, 03/07, 7-9pm – currently three mats open.
Fri, 03/08, 7-9am – currently five mats open.

Mon, 03/11, 7-9pm –  currently four mats open.
Tue, 03/12, 7-9pm – currently two mats open.
Sorry, NO class Thu – Sun this week!

Mon, 03/18, 7-9pm –  currently full.
Tue, 03/19, 7-9pm – with enough registrations, class will be held!
Thu, 03/21, 7-9pm – currently two mats available. FULL MOON class.
Fri, 03/22, 7-9am – currently five mats open.

Mon, 03/25, 7-9pm –  currently three mats available.
Tue, 03/26, 7-9pm – currently two mats available.
Thu, 03/28, 7-9pm – currently one mat available.
Fri, 03/29, 7-9am – currently five mats open.

Namaste 🙂



Mysore in February

January went by fast! Thank you again to everybody who donated to good causes!
Now.. this is was February currently looks like 🙂

Mon, 02/04, 7-9pm – currently two spots available – NEW MOON class.
Tue, 02/05, 7-9pm – currently two spots available.
Wed, 02/06, 7-9pm – currently two spots available.
Thu, 02/07, SORRY, NO CLASS 🙁
Fri, 02/08, 7-9am – currently four mats available.

Mon, 02/11, 7-9pm – currently two spots available.
Tue, 02/12, 7-9pm – currently two spots available.
Thu, 02/14, 7-9pm – currently full.
Fri, 02/15, 7-9am – currently four mats available.

Mon, 02/18, 7-9pm – currently full.
Tue, 02/19, 7-9pm – as too many students are sick, there will be no class tonight 🙁
Please enjoy the full moon 🙂
Thu, 02/21, 7-9pm – currently six spots available.
Fri, 02/22, 7-9am – currently seven spots available.

Mon, 02/25, 7-9pm – SORRY, class has to be cancelled 🙁
Tue, 02/26, 7-9pm – currently full.
Thu, 02/28, 7-9pm – currently full.
Fri, 03/01, 7-9am – NO class.

Please check the schedule regularly as there are oftentimes short term cancellations which provide space for other students!
Occasionally, I have to cancel or change classes as well.
Thank you 🙂


Mysore in January

… and then it was 2019! Happy New Year!
At the shala, we start with a few special classes. Regular schedule resumes January, 14th!

Mon, 01/07, 7-9pm – guided half primary (in GERMAN) – currently five spots available – donation based class!
Tue, 01/08, 7-9pm – 108 Sun Salutations (guided in German) – currently four spots available – donation based class!
Thu, 01/10 – SORRY, NO CLASS!
Fri, 01/11, 7-9am – currently five spots available.

Mon, 01/14, 7-9pm – currently full.
Tue, 01/15, 7-9pm – currently full.
Thu, 01/17, 7-9pm – currently full.
Fri, 01/18, NO CLASS.

Mon, 01/21, 7-9pm – currently two mats available – MOON CLASS.
Tue, 01/22, 7-9pm – currently three spots available.
Thu, 01/24, 7-9pm – currently full.
Fri, 01/25, 7-9am – currently five mats available.

Mon, 01/28, 7-9pm – sorry… no class… I am sick 🙁
Tue, 01/29, SORRY, NO CLASS!
Wed, 01/30, 7-9pm – seven mats were open.
Thu, 01/31, 7-9pm – currently four mats available.
Fri, 02/01, 7-9am – moved to next week.

Please check schedule frequently, as attendance might change and classes can be cancelled every now and then! Thank you.
Namaste 🙂

Ashtanga Mamas – Mysore Style Ashtanga Yoga for new Moms with infants

We are going to continue the course straight from the beginning of 2019

Ashtanga Mamas early Spring
Thu, 10-11.15am
01/10, 01/17, 01/24, 01/31, 02/07, 02/14, 02/21, and 02/28.
Price: €125

Mats and probs are provided.
No Yoga experience necessary.
A maximum of four Moms per class.

This program is designed for new Moms with their infants who cannot crawl/walk yet. You need a post-partum clean bill of health and the sincere interest in moving and breathing 😉
Sorry, missed classes will expire.

Please contact for questions and/or to register.
Namaste 🙂


Mysore in December

The last month of the year is here…
Due to full classes, I won’t accept new students for the rest of the year. Sorry 🙁
If you are interested, please email THANK YOU.

Mon, 12/03, 7-9pm, sorry, no class today 🙁
Tue, 12/04, 7-9pm, currently full.
Thu, 12/06, 7-9pm, currently full.
Fri, 12/07, 7.00-9am currently four mats available – FULL MOON.

Mon, 12/10, 7-9pm, currently three spots available.
Tue, 12/11, 7-9pm, currently one spot available.
Thu, 12/13, 7-9pm, currently three spots available.
Fri, 12/14, 7.00-9am, currently three mats available.

Mon, 12/17, 7-9pm, currently three spots available.
Tue, 12/18, 7-9pm, currently full.
Thu, 12/20, 7-9pm, currently three spots available.

Enjoy a happy, healthy, peaceful and slow Holiday Season. Thank you for being part of this… without you, there was no Simply Ashtanga 🙂
See you in 2019!