Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga enters the next round. Due to the upcoming Easter break, this package has four sessions! Class is in ENGLISH!

Prenatal Yoga SPRING package
Tue, 10-11am
02/27, 03/06, 03/13, and 03/20
Package price is €50.
No experience necessary. Mats and props are provided. Only five students per class.

To register or if you have questions, please email!


Mysore in February

… and then it was February:-)

Mon, 02/05, 7-9pm, currently three mats available.
Tue, 02/06, 7-9pm, currently full.
Thu, 02/08, 7-9pm, currently four mats available.
Fri, 02/09, 7.30-9am, currently two mats available.

Mon, 02/12, 7-9pm, currently two mats available.
Tue, 02/13, 7-9pm, currently full.
Thu, 02/15, 7-9pm, currently full.
Fri, 02/16, 7.30-9am, sorry, no class today due to too many cancellations.

Mon, 02/19, 7-9pm, currently full.
Tue, 02/20, 7-9pm, currently one mat available.
Thu, 02/22, 7-9pm, currently one mat available.
Fri, 02/23, 7.30-9am, classes cancelled today 🙁

Mon, 02/26, 7-9pm, currently full.
Tue, 02/27, 7-9pm, currently one mat available.
Thu, 03/01, 7-9pm, currently one mat available.
Fri, 03/02, 7.30-9am, currently two mats available.


Mysore in January

Happy New Year 2018!
Simply Ashtanga resumes almost regular schedule on Mon, 01/08/2018!

Mon, 01/08, 7-9pm, SPECIAL CLASS – 108 Guided Sun Salutations – DONATION BASED – currently one spot available
Tue, 01/09, 7-9pm, currently one spot available.
Wed, 01/10, 7-9pm, SPECIAL CLASS – Guided Led Primary – €18 – you must have a regular Mysore practice to attend – currently three spots available
Thu, 01/11, sorry, class is cancelled tonight.
Fri, 01/12, 7.30-9am, currently four spots available.

Mon, 01/15, 7-9pm, currently one spot available.
Tue, 01/16, 7-9pm, currently two spots available.
Wed, 01/17, 7-9pm, SPECIAL CLASS – Watch and learn – Demo of Primary Series – DONATION please 🙂
Thu, 01/18, 7-9pm, currently two spots available.
Fri, 01/19, 7.30-9am, currently four spots available.

Mon, 01/22, 7-9pm, currently three mats available.
Tue, 01/23, 7-9pm, currently two mats available.
Wed, 01/24, 7-9pm – additional MYSORE class.
Thu, 01/25, class is cancelled this week 🙁
Fri, 01/26, 7.30-9am, currently five spots available.

Mon, 01/30, 7-9pm, currently three mats available.
Tue, 01/31, 7-9pm, currently three mats available.
Thu, 02/01, 7-9pm, currently two mats available.
Fri, 02/02, 7.30-9am, currently three spots available.



For personal reasons, my phone is OUT OF SERVICE between Jan, 15th and Jan, 22nd! Please contact me exclusively via email !

Thank you!

It is almost time for the Christmas break.
So I want to take this moment and thank everybody who helped make Simply Ashtanga what it is in 2017: A tiny Yoga shala with love, laughter, and some good times.
Be it the Ashtangis, the Prenatal Moms-to-be or the Ashtanga Mamas with their babies – thank you all!

Looking forward to more Yoga fun in 2018!

Simply Ashtanga is closed between Fri, 12/22/2017 and Sun, 01/07/2018.

Namaste, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year! 🙂

Mysore in December

… and then it was December and the year was almost over…
This is, what the Mysore room looks like this month:

Mon, 12/04, 7-9pm, currently fully booked.
Tue, 12/05, 7-9pm, currently fully booked.
Thu, 12/07, 7-9pm, NO CLASS due to Christmas Party 🙂
Fri, 12/08, 7.30-9am, currently three mats available.

Mon, 12/11, 7-9pm, currently one spot available.
Tue, 12/12, 7-9pm, currently fully booked.
Thu, 12/14, 7-9pm, currently three mats available.
Fri, 12/15, 7.30-9am, currently four mats available.

Mon, 12/18, 7-9pm, currently full. – CANCELLED DUE TO CRAZY WEATHER! SORRY 🙁
Tue, 12/19, 7-9pm, currently full.
Thu, 12/21, 7-9pm,currently full.
Fri, 12/22, 7.30-9am, cancelled – HAPPY HOLIDAYS 🙂

The shala will be closed between Fri, 12/22/2017 and Sun, 01/07/2018.
Happy Holidays and a blessed New Year 🙂

Prenatal Yoga

The last Prenatal Yoga class in 2017 starts November, 7th! TWO mats still open!

WINTER Prenatal
Tue, 10-11am
11/07, 11/14, 11/21, 11/28, 12/05, 12/12, and 12/19
Package price is €88

As always, mats and necessary props will be provided.
No Yoga experience is necessary to participate in the program.
A maximum of FIVE students in class.
This program is open to women between week 13 and the end of pregnancy.
Sorry, missed classes will expire.

For questions and registration, please email
I am looking forward to hearing from you 🙂

Mysore in November

Due to the workshop with Greg Nardi and several National Holidays, the shala will be CLOSED between Mon, 10/30 and Mon, 11/06.
Regular schedule starts again Tue, 11/07!

Mon, 11/06, NO CLASSES
Tue, 11/07, 7-9pm, currently full.
Wed, 11/08, 7-9pm, ADDITIONAL MYSORE CLASS – currently two spots open.
Thu, 11/09, 7-9pm, currently one spot open.
Fri, 11/10, 7.30-9am, currently four spots open.

Mon, 11/13, 7-9pm, currently full.
Tue, 11/14, 7-9pm, currently full.
Thu, 11/16, 7-9pm, currently full.
Fri, 11/17, 7.30-9am, currently four spots open.

Mon, 11/20, 7-9pm, currently full.
Tue, 11/21, 7-9pm, currently full.
Thu, 11/23, 7-9pm, currently three spots available.
Fri, 11/24, 7.30-9am, currently cancelled 🙁

Mon, 11/27, 7-9pm, currently one mat available
Tue, 11/28, 7-9pm, currently full.
Thu, 11/30, 7-9pm, currently two mats open.
Fri, 12/01, 7.30-9am, currently four spots open.

Namaste 🙂

Mysore in October

Looks like we will start with a Golden October.
Besides beautiful fall colors, October also brings some National Holidays and a training that forces me to close the studio for several days.
So please have a close eye on the schedule!

Mon, 10/02, 7-9pm – NO CLASS.
Tue, 10/03, 7-9pm – due to National Holiday, NO CLASSES.
Wed, 10/04, 7-9pm – Mysore – currently full.
Thu, 10/05, 7-9pm – FULL MOON – gentle guided class – currently full.
Fri, 10/06, 7.30-9am – currently three spots available.

Mon, 10/09, 7-9pm – currently full.
Tue, 10/10, 7-9pm – currently full.
Thu, 10/12 – Fri, 10/20, the studio will be closed due to a training!

Thu, 10/19, 7-9pm – sorry, no class.
Fri, 10/20, 7.30-9am – sorry, no class.

Mon, 10/23, 7-9pm – currently full.
Tue, 10/24, 7-9pm – currently one spot available.
Wed, 10/25, 7-9pm – EXTRA CLASS – currently five spots available.
Thu, 10/26, 7-9pm – currently full.
Fri, 10/27, 7.30-9am – currently three mats available.

Please remember to register or cancel class in time!
Namaste 🙂

Mysore in September

Summer is coming to an end – the shala reopens 🙂
This is what September on the Mysore mat currently looks like:

Mon, 09/04, 7-9pm – cancelled.
Tue, 09/05, 7-9pm – currently full.
Thu, 09/07, 7-9pm – currently full .
Fri, 09/08, 7.30-9am – currently five mats available.

Mon, 09/11, 7-9pm – five mats available.
Tue, 09/12, 7-9pm – currently one mat available.
Thu, 09/14, 7-9pm – currently full.
Fri, 09/15, 7.30-9am – currently four mats available.

Mon, 09/18, 7-9pm – currently one mat available.
Tue, 09/19, 7-9pm – currently full.
Thu, 09/21, 7-9pm – currently full.
Fri, 09/20, 7.30-9am – currently three mats available.

Mon, 09/25, 7-9pm – currently two open spots.
Tue, 09/26, 7-9pm – currently two open spots.
Thu, 09/28, 7-9pm – currently three mats available.
Fri, 09/29, 7.30-9am – currently three mats available.

Please remember to register or cancel your registration in time!
THANK YOU and Namaste 🙂