Misc & FAQ

How do I sign up/register for a class?
Practice space is limited due to size of the shala. Therefore, if you are new to Simply Ashtanga, please contact Kristine, to find out, if there are currently practice spots available.
kristine@simplyashtanga.de or +49 170 743 8208

How long are the classes?
The length of a Mysore practice mostly depends on your personal practice. Make sure that you are done a little before the closing time of the studio (see current schedule).

Can I come to Mysore classes if I am a beginner to Yoga?
Absolutly! Mysore style practice is the most traditional and perfect way for a beginner to start Yoga.

I am pregnant but the pre-natal class times don’t fit in with my schedule?
Please contact Kristine directly!
kristine@simplyashtanga.de or +49 170 734 8208 

Are there refunds for workshops?
There are no refunds if you cannot participate in a workshop that you are signed up for (especially in case of international teachers).

A few simple rules at Simply Ashtanga:
At Simply Ashtanga, I want to create a sacred space that will optimize each individual’s opportunity for physical, emotional, and spiritual growth. In order to do that..I need all of us to adhere to a few observances and guidelines to help us achieve and cultivate a beautiful space for our Yoga practice.

  • Please remove your shoes immediately upon entering the shala. No shoes are allowed inside the practice space 🙂 There is a shelf specifically for shoes in the entrance area.
  • Please turn all cell phones/beepers and digital devices off before entering the shala. If you have a specific reason to do otherwise, please let me know in advance.
  • Please be sure to use the restroom before or after class and not during class unless it is an emergency 😉
  • If you miss the Opening Chant, please chant quietly in your mind. The same goes for the Closing Mantra.
  • Traditionally, we do not drink DURING our Yoga practice. Therefore, it is best to hydrate before and after class and not during class unless you are de-hydrated or feeling dizzy. There is water in the hallway for your convenience.
  • Please respect borrowed items ie. Yoga mats by cleaning mat after use..rolling mat neatly..and returning mat to where you got it. Blocks/straps/bolsters etc. should also be put back where you found them in the shala.
    The same goes for books you might borrow from the library.
  • Be mindful to keep up with your own belongings before and after class. Simply Ashtanga is not liable for any lost or stolen items.
  • Space in the shala is very limited. Therefore I ask you to please leave personal items like bags, purses, mat bags etc outside in the hallway. The house is NOT publicly accessible during practice.
  • Hygiene is very important as you will most likely sweat on your mat and on your practice towel during classes. Be sure to clean yourself, your mat and your Yoga rug/towel between practice sessions. A shower is available for your use after practice (€2).
  • Try to follow the guidance of your teacher and let them know when you have questions or a pose doesn’t feel right etc. This is YOUR practice and the teacher is here to help you and to answer any questions you might have about the practice.
  • Please be aware that due to the individual approach of the Mysore style practice, a personal advice/modification etc for one student is often not applicable for another student. If you have questions concerning individual teachings one students receives, please prompt them AFTER class. Inbetween questions or comments on a “global” level that do not concern your personal practice will most likely be disturbing to the whole group.
  • Matspray is available for your use after practice. Please make sure your “clean up work” does not cause too much of a commotion while others might still be finishing their asana practice.
  • A general fact: the shala is tiny. Therefore every student has to practice mutual respect and caution; be it when prepping your practice space, during your practice (key word: expansive asanas…), or afterwards when finishing up. That way, we will all have a positive practice experience and are looking forward to returning to this space.

Thank You 🙂