Mysore (03/30 – 04/05)

This is the current Mysore outlook for next week:

Tue, 03/31, 7-9pm – TWO spots available.
Wed, 04/01, 7-9pm – MYSORE – and FOUR spots available right now.
Thu, 04/02, 7.30-9am – CANCELLED this week.
Thu, 04/02, 7-9pm – only ONE spot available.


Mysore (03/23 – 03/29)

It’s only Thursday but here is the Mysore outlook for next week:

Tue, 03/24, 7-9pm – only two mats available.
Wed, 03/25, 7-9pm - six mats open.
Thu, 7.30-9am – five mats available.
Thu, 7-9pm – only ONE Mat open – sign up quickly!

Enjoy the sun :-D

5-day Ashtanga Yoga Intensive with Greg Nardi

Greg Nardi is returning to Simply Ashtanga!

This October, the wonderful Greg Nardi will be back for a five day Ashtanga Yoga intensive – Mysore Style Yoga and technique workshops at its finest!
For more details, please follow this link under workshops.

For questions and registration, please contact or 0170 734 8208.

Looking forward to welcoming you :-D

Greg Nardi at Simply Ashtanga

Greg Nardi bei Simply Ashtanga

Birthday week at Simply Ashtanga

I announced it a few days ago, and now it’s already here…. THE BIRTHDAY week at Simply Ashtanga :-)

Between Mon., 03/16 and Fri., 03/20, all EVENING classes are FREE! However, I will not teach but practice with you :-)

The current sign-up situation:
Tue, 03/17 – 7-9pm - fully booked. Please get in touch for waiting list.
Wed, 03/18 – 7-9pm - TWO spots just opened up!
Thu, 03/19 – 7-9pm – fully booked. Please get in touch for waiting list.

All evenings will be Mysore practice. Since there is no one teaching, no new asanas ;-)

I am very much looking forward practicing with you :-D

Mysore (03/09 – 03/15)

… and here is the current Mysore situation for the following week:

Tue, 03/10, 7-9pm – only ONE spot left!
Wed, 03/11, 7-9pm – cancelled due to no registrations!
Thu, 03/12, 7.30 – 9am – four mats available.
Thu, 03/12, 7-9pm – fully booked. Please get in touch for waiting list!

Happy sunny weekend :-)

Mysore (03/02 – 03/08)

As always, the current Mysore outlook for next week.

Tue, 03/03, 7-9pm – currently two mats available
Wed, 03/04, 7-9pm (Mix) – currently no registrations – therefore most likely, class will be cancelled.
Thu, 03/05, 7.30-9am – currently five mats available
Thu, 03/05, 7-9pm – SORRY, class cancelled due to too many sick-calls… :-(

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mysore (02/23-03/01)

Hot off the press next week’s Mysore status :-)

Tue, 02/24, 7-9pm – two spots available.
Wed, 02/25, 7-9pm - six spots available. Gentle led up to Parsvottanasana – Mysore afterwards.
Thu, 02/26, 7.30-9am – five spots available.
Thu, 02/26, 7-9pm – five spots available.
Fri, 02/27, 7.30-9am – sorry, no class this week.

Happy weekend!!

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga in English continues… :-)

Thursday mornings, 10-11am on the following dates:
04/23, 04/30, 05/07, 05/14, 05/21, and 05/28

Currently THREE mats available :-)

For registration and questions please get in touch with Kristine or 0170 734 8208

Mysore (02/16-02/22)

Before the sunny Valentine’s weekend starts, here the Mysore sign-ups for next week:

Tue, 02/17, 7-9pm - two spots available
Wed, 02/18, 7-9pm - due to no sign-ups, no class this week.
Thu, 02/19, 7.30-9am - due to no sign-ups, no class this week.
Thu, 02/19, 7-9pm – two spots available!
Fri, 02/20, 7.30-9am – due to no sign-ups, no class this week.

Happy weekend :-)

Mysore (02/09-02/13)

With a few glimpses of sunlight, the weekend is chiming in. Here is the current Mysore outlook for the upcoming week:

Tue, 02/10, 7-9pm – three mats available
Wed, 02/11, 7-9pm – four mats available – this week: LED standing sequence – Mysore afterwards!
Thu, 02/12, 7-9pm - Fully booked. Please get in touch for waiting list :-)
Fri, 02/13, 7.30-9am – ALL eight spots available – class takes place with more than two registrations!

Have a great weekend!
Namaste :-D