Mysore (08/31 – 09/06)

Despite the fact that lots of students are still on vacation, classes are filling up again. Make sure you secure the spot for YOUR MAT quickly :-)

Tue, 09/01, 7-9pm - currently three mats available.
Wed, 09/02, 7-9pm – Mysore again this week – currently two mats available.
Thu, 09/03, 7.30-9am – unfortunately, it looks like the class will be once again cancelled due to lack of registrations.
Thu, 09/03, 7-9pm – currently fully booked. For waiting list, please get in touch quickly.

Happy weekend :-)

Mysore (08/24 – 08/30)

Last week of August comes around with nice summer weather again. It’s cozy warm in the shala – I look forward to welcoming you on your mat :-)

Tue, 08/25, 7-9pm – currently one mat available.
Wed, 08/26, 7-9pm – this week Mysore style again – four mats available.
Thu, 08/27, 7.30-9am – sorry, NO class this week :-(
Thu, 08/27, 7-9pm - currently one mat available.

Happy weekend before the kids go back to school ;-)

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga in English starts again… :-)

Thursday mornings, 10-11am on the following dates:
08/20, 08/27, 09/03, 09/17, 09/24, and 10/01.

For registration and questions please get in touch with Kristine or 0170 734 8208

Mysore (08/17 – 08/23)

Panzerroad will be all open again as of tonight! No excuses not to come to class anymore ;-)

Tue, 08/18, 7-9pm – currently full. For waiting list, please get in touch.
Wed, 08/19, 7-9pm – this week Mysore - currently four mats available.
Thu, 08/20, 7.30-9am – currently five mats available.
Thu, 08/20, 7-9pm – currently four mats available.

Happy weekend!

Mysore (08/10 – 08/16)

It is HOT HOT HOT – and still we practice on…

Tue, 08/11, 7-9pm, currently one mat available.
Wed, 08/12, 7-9pm - too many people are sick or out of town… NO class tonight. Sorry :-(
Thu, 08/13, 7.30-9am - too many people are sick or out of town… NO class this morning. Sorry :-(
Thu, 08/13, 7-9pm – currently two mats available.

Happy weekend and enjoy the sun while staying cool!

Mysore (08/03 – 08/09)

Is summer coming back? The studio will warm up again :-)

Tue, 08/04, 7-9pm – currently fully booked. For waiting list get in touch asap!
Wed, 08/05, 7-9pm – everybody is on vacation?! Sorry.. this week’s class is cancelled :-(
Thu, 08/06, 7.30-9am – currently five mats available.
Thu, 08/06, 7-9pm – currently fully booked. For waiting list the in touch asap please.

Happy week :-D

Mysore (07/27 – 08/02)

The brief cool-down seems to be already over… in the pretty full classes these days, breath and sweat are flowing… so make sure you secure your spot on the mat asap :-)

Tue, 07/28, 7-9pm – currently one mat available.
Wed, 07/29, 7-9pm - this week Mysore - three spots available.
Thu, 07/30, 7.30-9am – currently two spots available.
Thu, 07/30, 7-9pm – currently two spots available.

CU on the mat :-)

… just because…

Jason is a fellow Yogi who took Richard Freeman’s Teachers Intensive with me in 2010.
This piece by him is inspiring and deep on so many levels – therefore, I just wanted to share it with you. Couldn’t have put it any better – and his physical practice is simply stunningly beautiful.
Enjoy :-)

Mysore (07/20-07/26)

July is going by fast… and we keep on practicing :-)

ONLY THIS WEEK: Mon, 07/20, 7-9pm – Mysore style - just now, one slot opened! Interested?! :-)
Wed, 07/22, 7-9pm – Mix – and I am still undecided what we will do ;-) – currently two spots open.
Thu, 07/23, 7.30-9am – currently two spots open.
Thu, 07/23, 7-9pm – currently ONE spot open.

Namaste and happy weekend!

Mysore 07/13-07/19

New week, new Mysore…

Tue, 07/14, 7-9pm, currently ONE spot open.
Wed, 07/15, 7-9pm, Mix – this week guided standing asanasa – Mysore afterwards – currently FOUR spots available.
Thu, 07/16, 7.30-9am – currently four spots available.
Thu, 07/16, 7-9pm - three spots opened up.

CU on the mat :-)