Mysore (08/03 – 08/09)

Is summer coming back? The studio will warm up again :-)

Tue, 08/04, 7-9pm – currently fully booked. Please get in touch for waiting list.
Wed, 08/05, 7-9pm – this week Mysore – currently six mats available.
Thu, 08/06, 7.30-9am – currently five mats available.
Thu, 08/06, 7-9pm – currently fully booked. Please get in touch for waiting list.

Happy weekend :-)

Mysore (07/27 – 08/02)

The brief cool-down seems to be already over… in the pretty full classes these days, breath and sweat are flowing… so make sure you secure your spot on the mat asap :-)

Tue, 07/28, 7-9pm – currently one mat available.
Wed, 07/29, 7-9pm - this week Mysore - three spots available.
Thu, 07/30, 7.30-9am – currently two spots available.
Thu, 07/30, 7-9pm – currently two spots available.

CU on the mat :-)

… just because…

Jason is a fellow Yogi who took Richard Freeman’s Teachers Intensive with me in 2010.
This piece by him is inspiring and deep on so many levels – therefore, I just wanted to share it with you. Couldn’t have put it any better – and his physical practice is simply stunningly beautiful.
Enjoy :-)

Mysore (07/20-07/26)

July is going by fast… and we keep on practicing :-)

ONLY THIS WEEK: Mon, 07/20, 7-9pm – Mysore style - just now, one slot opened! Interested?! :-)
Wed, 07/22, 7-9pm – Mix – and I am still undecided what we will do ;-) – currently two spots open.
Thu, 07/23, 7.30-9am – currently two spots open.
Thu, 07/23, 7-9pm – currently ONE spot open.

Namaste and happy weekend!

Mysore 07/13-07/19

New week, new Mysore…

Tue, 07/14, 7-9pm, currently ONE spot open.
Wed, 07/15, 7-9pm, Mix – this week guided standing asanasa – Mysore afterwards – currently FOUR spots available.
Thu, 07/16, 7.30-9am – currently four spots available.
Thu, 07/16, 7-9pm - three spots opened up.

CU on the mat :-)

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga in English starts again… :-)

Thursday mornings, 10-11am on the following dates:
07/09, 07/16, 07/23, 07/30, 08/06, and 08/13

Currently two spot available :-)

For registration and questions please get in touch with Kristine or 0170 734 8208

Mysore 07/06 – 07/12

In case you wanna sweat even more than you already do these days.. here are the current Mysore sign-ups for next week:

Tue, 07/07, 7-9pm – currently fully booked. Please get in touch for waiting list.
Wed, 07/08, 7-9pm – Mix – this week guided Surya Namaskaras – then Mysore style. Currently four spots available.
Thu, 07/09, 7.30-9am – currently four spots open.
Thu, 07/09, 7-9pm – currently two spots open.


5-day Ashtanga Yoga Intensive with Greg Nardi

Greg Nardi is returning to Simply Ashtanga!

This October, the wonderful Greg Nardi will be back for a five day Ashtanga Yoga intensive – Mysore Style Yoga and technique workshops at its finest!
For more details, please follow this link under workshops.

Currently, the Mysore morning group is SOLD OUT!
The Mysore evening group has only ONE spot available!
Please get in touch quickly, if you are interested :-)

For questions and registration, please contact or 0170 734 8208.

Looking forward to welcoming you :-D

Greg Nardi at Simply Ashtanga

Greg Nardi bei Simply Ashtanga

Simply Ashtanga is back from vacation – Mysore 06/29-07/05

Yeah – I am back :-)
Classes start again tomorrow night and this week’s sign-ups currently look like this:

Tue, 06/30, 7-9pm – currently two mats available.
Wed, 07/01, 7-9pm – Mysore this week – currently five mats available.
Thu, 07/02, 7.30-9am - currently four mats available.
Thu, 07/02, 7-9pm – currently two mats available.

Looking forward to welcoming you back :-)